thinking of toobers

knit toobers
The weather is finally starting to take a turn for the warmer here. Time to shed the sweaters, and put on some things that don't necessarily keep you warm. Like a knitnecklace. As the snow melts away, there are some exciting new projects sprouting out of our ears!!! We can't wait to share the super TOP SECRET developments! But for now, you'll just have to wait, and adorn yourself in knit toobers, fringe, and more.


i was really hoping to get some more projects posted this week, but the time has crept up on us, that's right.. vacation time!!!
brett and i are hopping on a plane tomorrow to sunny LOS ANGELES!! where we will see such sights as sunny LOS ANGELES!! maybe ride a horse, see some jurassic technology, sneak a caress of a soundsuit, join unarius, expose my skin, and attend our dear friends' art opening at SYNCHRONICITY SPACE. can't wait to hang in cali w ALarson Ecarlson and Aanderson. we'll be back, and refreshed next tuesday, and ready to post much more from our noggins. TILL THEN. HELLO CA!

So. Planes get canceled. Dreams get crushed. It happens.. We had a nice long weekend of braincations. It's time to get back to work, too many ideas, and one more event at the soap factory to get through. HELLO MN!


thinking of fringe

Getting back to the basics, The New Land of Milk and Honey inspired a few more jewelry projects to bubble up.


The New Land of Milk and Honey

The final finalNLMHRedsNew Land of Milk and Honey

And the New Land of Milk and Honey is now a reality.
Thanks to all who participated, special thanks to Adele and David Smith.

second photo by Rachel Mosey
last two photos by Sam Hoolihan
fashion by Annie Larson

video by Adrian Freeman