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Things a coming together, literally. We have 15 boards hand stained and poly'd, ten more to go! Since we are waiting on our routering robot friend, it may be about time to get to work on some re-upholstering. It's been a long time since I took out the old sewing machine, hopefully I didn't break all my needles on the garden bedding for NLMH..



Knot belly
This is going to be a huge endeaver.. We met last night despite the glowing yellow/orange-tornado-watch sky to stain these massive pieces of plywood.
Our first run on the c&c router came out, we are pretty excited about the results.. 1 down, 5 stained, and about 20 to go before we can start installing them!


cheap ideas

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Flooring.. Flooring can cause multiple headaches, in a sister and a brother, not only from caustic varnishes, but from cost. In an attempt to save money, and we're talking cheaper than IKEA, we've decided to lay down plywood in the space for our refinished floors. But that is not enough for us, NO WAY! We're currently testing out techniques to add a little somethin' somethin' of our own onto the plywood, including, but not limited to, stain and routering. So far, we're super happy with the results, and can't wait to see the entire space transformed!

Don't worry, the above photo includes routering without a jig, the final won't be as jiggly.