look at DEM KITES!

Today was such an amazingly pollinated perfect spring day. What better way to spend it than to load up the car with a bunch of tetrahedrons, and head to the como zoo!? I was able to kidnap the QUEEN OF QUILLS herself, emily snyder, to help me photograph the remainder of the NLMH landscape. There were a lot of eyes on us and our crazy "kites". Pretty great, hearing someone else's vision.. Not a bad idea, really. This is one of my favorite shots from today. Many thanks to emily's long long arm!


NLMH bazaar_flier_bw

As the days grow longer and warmer, time is becoming scarce. We are busy playing around with pixels, nodes, and codes, and will hopefully have a finalized website and store up in the near future!

Also dear friends, our time at the soap factory is coming to an end. We've planned an EXCITING DAY of activities and festivities that we would like to invite you (yes YOU!!!) to!!

Please come celebrate spring, new beginnings, and show endings with us! The action starts at 1:00pm and goes till 11:00. Bring a potluck item, some undies to teye-deye, yourself (and maybe some earplugs). A full day schedule is HERE!! We've even invited a couple of !!HOOLIGANS!! to join us, all the way from PORTLAND!

See you soon?
xoxo es and bs