Knuckle nuggs

I finished with the next step. I carefully carved out each finger into a little knuckle gem, and hollowed each one out using a heated wire, and some wax carving tools. I want as little wax as possible in these shapes so when I cast them, I will not need as much metal, and they won't be so heavy.



As an adolescent youth, creative freedom of the self conscious reigns. I chose the unsuspecting knuckles to be the recipient of my embarrassment. I always thought I had the wrinkliest knuckles. I would go to measures such as always keeping my fingers slightly bent, in order to stretch all those wrinkly little joints out. Being older, and a little more secure with these hands, I wanted to create my next piece of jewelry from this part of my body which gave me such horror. This past week, with so much Christmas and New Years vacation, I cast my knuckles in wax! I am thrilled with all those creases and crevices!