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Summer is definitely here, and I know, I know, we've been terrible (worse than terrible) at blogging, but we have been working nonstop.. It was almost a seamless transition from NLMH to this new project. Speaking of...

So, remember that really super top secret project that was mentioned earlier? We're going to let you take a glimpse of it. I'm not going to say much, but we will update as progress is being made!

Look at the beautiful canvas we've been given to work with!

Blech.. Yeah, ok, it's actually a hideous canvas right now. Maybe as we work, you can guess what we are making ;D

Last weekend, we made the super craigslist score! We nabbed all these old science cabinets from a school remodel for cheapcheap! Brett and I were SO excited both at the aesthetics of them, and the amount. We plan to use these cabinets and drawers meshed with our own designs, both to save on money (we've got a tight budget on this one) and to be able to bring in the warmth of older wood into the space. I can't wait to start building in warm weather!

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